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07/29/201410/31/14; Judge Darling; Juvenile Prelims - Delinquency 1:00pm
07/29/201410/31/14; Judge Rastetter; EX PARTE; 1:00pm
09/08/201410/31/14; Judge Norby; Juvenile Prelims-Dependency 2:30pm
09/08/201410/31/14; Judge Rastetter; In-Custody Arraignments; 3:00 pm
10/02/201410/31/14; Judge Karabeika; Stalking First Appearances; 9:00am
10/20/201410//14; Judge ; Out of Custody Arraignments; 1:30 and 3:00 pm
10/22/201410/31/14; Judge Miller; EX PARTE; 8:30am
10/28/201410/31/14; Judge Norby; Juvenile Matters -All Day
10/29/201410/31/2014 Judge Herndon; Hope Court; 1:00pm
10/29/201410/31/14; Judge Stewart; Abuse Prevention Applications; 1:00 pm
10/29/201410//14; Judge ; PV/Diversion Hearings; 9:00am
10/29/201410//14; Judge ; PV/Diversion Hearings; 10:30 am
10/30/201410/31/2014 Judge Herdon; Probate; 9:00am and 1:30pm
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Rastetter; Pleas/Sentencings; 10:30am and 1:30pm
10/30/201410/31/2014 Judge Weber; 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Miller L.; Domestic Relations Show Cause Hrgs; 9:00am Courtroom 1
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Darling; 8:30 and 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Karabeika; 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Miller; Case Managers 10:30am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Miller; Case Managers 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Van Dyk; Jury Cnt'd; 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/2014 Judge Herdon; 9:00am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Wetzel; 1:30pm
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Rastetter; Video Arrn; 8:15am
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Wetzel; 9:00 am, 1:00 and 1:30pm
10/30/201410/31/14; Judge Norby; FED 1st Appearances; 8:30am