Court Calendars

Criminal Trials for the week of September 26, 2016

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Case Name
Case Number
Start Time
Monday September 26
Tuesday September 27 Judge Ashby - Courtroom A State v Kuehne 15CR44677 9:00 amScheduled
Wednesday Sept. 28 Judge Adler - Courtroom GState v Chapman15FE0587 9:00 amScheduled
Thursday September 29
Friday September 30
Criminal Trials pending assignment on two hour notice *NOT IN PRIORITY ORDER*
NameCase NumberStatus
State v Tieben16CR00292 Pending
State v Ortwein16CR30153 Continued
State v West16CR30144Continued
State v Archer16CR12657 Pending
State v Fettinger16CR11616Pending
State v Olson16CR07566Pending
State v FoxMI142637 Pending
State v GjesdalMI150475Pending
State v DonnellMI150749 Pending