Court Calendars

Criminal Trials for the week of August 31, 2015

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Case Name
Case Number
Start Time
Monday, August 31
Tuesday, Sept. 1Judge Adler - Courtroom GMonger, Troy15FE0427
9:00 AMScheduled
Judge Bagley - Courtroom EBrierly, Garrett15FE01329:00 AMScheduled
Wednesday, Sept. 2
Thursday, Sept. 3
Friday, Sept. 4
Criminal Trials pending assignment on two hour notice *NOT IN PRIORITY ORDER*
NameCase NumberStatus
Gee, Travis15FE0737Pending
Hoyez, Terry14FE0747Settled - C.O.P 9.2.15 @ 8:30 AM
Bates, MatthewMI141370Pending
Dunn, James15FE0548Pending
Mansfield, Charles15CR28820Pending
Johnston, TerryMI150169Pending
Herrera, Eric15CR24958Pending
McGregor, Shawn14FE1697Pending
Murphy, MichaelMI142983Pending
Ott, John14FE1579Pending
Young, DaleaMI140795Pending