Court Calendars

Jury Summons March 27 and March 30 & 31, 2015

View of the Umatilla County Courthouse

Umatilla County Circuit Courts (Pendleton/Hermiston):

4:30pm on Thursday, March 26, 2015:

No jurors are needed for Friday, March 27, or for Monday and Tuesday, March 30 and 31. For jurors serving for the month of March, this concludes your service. Thank you.


Morrow County Circuit Courts (Heppner)

** January-March 2015 Jury Panel **


Jurors numbering 29 through 353 need to report to Morrow County Circuit Court on the second floor of the Morrow County Courthouse in Heppner on Thursday, March 26, 2015 @8:30 am for a criminal matter.

Electronic devices including cell phones, ipads, and notebooks are not allowed, as well as firearms, pocket knives, scissors, and other sharp objects. If you appear with any of these items, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle.

Please check this message again prior to leaving home or work for possible changes or cancellations.

Thank you

*If you need to be temporarily excused on any particular day during the month, please call the jury clerk at 541-676-5264 at least 24 hours in advance, BEFORE YOUR JUROR NUMBER IS CALLED. Failure to appear for jury duty may result in contempt of court charges.