Court Calendars

Criminal Trials for the week of May 22, 2017

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Case Name
Case Number
Start Time
Monday May 22
Tuesday May 23Judge Bagley - Courtroom BState v. Lapollo17CR217749:00AMSCHEDULED
Wednesday May 24Judge Brady - Courtroom CState v. Boughton 16CR66049/16CR442479:00AMSETTLED
Judge Brady - Courtroom C State v. Shampang16CR615089:00AMSCHEDULED
Thursday May 25
Friday May 26
Criminal Trials pending assignment on two hour notice *NOT IN PRIORITY ORDER*
NameCase NumberStatus
State v. Snellings16CR62199/16CR14892CONTINUED
State v. Koslow15CR26903SETTLED - COP 5.26.17
State v. Hodges 15CR42604PENDING
State v. Daniels16CR64782PENDING
State v. Ashley 17CR20519SETTLED - COP 5.23.17
State v. Love16CR51222PENDING
State v. Moye16CR67491PENDING
State v. Brown 17CR12616SETTLED - COP 5.24.17