Court Calendars

Jury Schedule

October 17, 2017
There are no new jury trials scheduled to begin for the remainder of the week. If you attended jury orientation on Tuesday, October 17, your service is now complete. Thank you very much!

October 31, 2017
If you have been summonsed to attend jury orientation on Tuesday, October 31 you must attend jury orientation at 8:00am on Tuesday, October 31. Orientation will be held at the Anne Basker Auditorium located next door to the courthouse at 600 NW 6th Street.

If you have been summoned to serve for a future date you must return the response card included in your summons IMMEDIATELY. If you wish to be excused for medical reasons, please submit written verification from your doctor in order to be excused. If you wish to defer your service, please submit your request in writing. If you wish to be excused for one of the reasons listed in your summons, please circle the corresponding number on the response card and mail that back in. You will NOT receive a response to this request, you will be excused. If you wish to be excused for any other reason, please submit the request in writing. You will be notified my mail of the response to your request ONLY if you are requesting to be excused for a reason other than one listed in your summons.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Jury Office.

Thank you,

Jury Coordinator
Josephine County Courthouse
Room 209
541-476-2309 ext 4536