Revised: 01/10/2017


What is the Juvenile Dependency Electronic Benchbook?

The Benchbook is intended as a guide for juvenile court judges and referees. It provides general information on juvenile law, court procedures, and recommended practices. It is written with simple summaries of the relevant considerations along with legal citations linked to primary sources. It is organized by hearing type and is cross referenced to the model juvenile dependency court forms.

The Benchbook’s content and format depend on the input and advice of stakeholders. It is designed to be easily modified and updated as the law changes, best practices develop, and the needs of juvenile judges and referees evolve.

The Benchbook can be accessed through Lotus Notes, through a browser, or from a downloaded copy on a PC. If a network connection exists, Lotus Notes will be the primary access. If a network connection is unavailable, the Benchbook will be run locally with the Lotus Notes client. The Benchbook is also available through the JCIP website.

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