Notice of New Laws Related to Fines for Violations and State Court Filing Fees as of July 1, 2011

The legislature has passed two bills that will make substantial changes to filing fees in civil cases (House Bill 2710) and fines and assessments in violations and criminal cases (House Bill 2712). Each has an emergency clause and takes effect July 1, 2011, once the Governor signs the bill. The Governor expects to sign the bills the evening of June 30.

The bills extend current fees and fines for a few months to provide an orderly transition to new schedules:

  • HB 2710 extends current civil filing fees in trial and appellate courts through September 30, 2011.
  • HB 2712 extends current offense fines and assessments for offenses committed before January 1, 2012.

Because some civil filing fees vary by county under current law, users should contact the circuit court directly for fees that apply to an action or document filed in that court.

The State Court Administrator has also updated the base-fine schedule for violations committed before January 1, 2012. The updated schedule lists several additions and corrections: .