12-30-2013 -- Public Meeting


Media Release

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December 30, 2013
Notice of Public Meeting

The Oregon Supreme Court will hold a public meeting at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 7, 2014, in the Wallace P. Carson, Jr., Conference Room on the second floor of the Oregon Supreme Court Building, 1163 State Street, Salem, Oregon.

The meeting will cover:

1) Approval of the December 3, 2013, public meeting minutes.

2) The requested approval of Senior Judge Steven Reed as a reference judge.

3) The requested approval of Lissa Kaufman, Amy N. Velázquez, Timothy D. Smith, Kathi Holmbeck, and Jon J. Ghastin as pro tem judges.

4) The request reapproval of Carol A. Herzog and Julie A. Zuver as pro tem judges.

The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. Request for other accommodations should be made to Rebecca J. Osborne, Appellate Court Administrator, phone 503.986.5589, or Lizabeth Torgerson, Management Assistant, phone 503.986.4534. Oregon Relay System - 711, Fax: 503. 986.5561. E-mail: Rebecca.J.Osborne@ojd.state.or.us, Lizabeth.B.Torgerson@ojd.state.or.us