Yamhill County Circuit Court Opens OJD eFiling Services

Yamhill County Circuit Court has gone live with OJD eFiling, adding to the list of available Oregon eCourt services in Yamhill.

Starting April 1, 2013, Oregon attorneys can register for access to the Odyssey File and Serve portal, allowing them to eFile, serve, distribute, deliver court documents, and pay filing fees for many types of cases in Yamhill County Circuit Court. While other types of eFilers can register for access too, the availability of electronic forms and other user assistance processes in development for self-represented eFilers isn’t scheduled for release until late 2014.

As the first Oregon circuit court to pilot the File and Serve system during the months of January and February 2013, Yamhill hosted pilot testing of eFiling by local law firms to verify the stability of the system before going live with eFiling. Court business processes related to File and Serve were also tested and established during the pilot phase by Yamhill circuit court judges, administrators, and staff.

eFilers will be provided an Oregon-specific Quick Reference Guide and Odyssey-specific eFiling user guides, self-study online training, and live webinars offered by Tyler Technologies – owner of the Odyssey File and Serve system. Access to these free training tools can be found on the File and Serve portal page in the “TRAIN” section.

The Oregon Judicial Department has scheduled Linn, Crook, and Jefferson circuit courts to pilot the File and Serve system in their counties with pilot law firms during the month of April. All three circuit courts will go live with eFiling in May, 2013. Jackson County Circuit Court will follow, going live with File and Serve in June, 2013.

eFilers can register for File and Serve (currently only available for Yamhill County Circuit Court) by going to the OJD eFiling homepage, or by accessing the Online Services page from the OJD homepage.