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Table of Contents
Section 1.1 - Rules Relating To All Records
Section 1.2 - Transferring Records to State Archives
Section 2.1 - Jury Records
Section 2.2 - Case Files
Section 2.3 - Records of Proceedings
Section 2.4 - Exhibits, Evidence, and Similar Records
Section 2.5 - Records on Matters Similar to Cases
Section 2.7 - Case Processing and Similar Records
Section 3.1 - Tax Court Records
Section 4.1 - Appellate Court Records
Section 5.1 - State of Oregon Law Library Records
Section 6.2 - Policies, Rules, and Directives
Section 6.1 - Internal Control Records
Section 6.3 - Communications
Section 6.4 - Administrative Program, Committee, and Enterprise Records
Section 6.5 - Legislative Activity
Section 6.6 - Legal Business Records
Section 6.7 - Research, Development and Statistics
Section 6.8 - Citizen Review Board Records
Section 6.9 - Adopted Plans