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State of Oregon v. David Frank Lane
09:00 AM
Supreme Court Case 2
Timothy A. Sylwester on behalf of State of Oregon
Daniel C. Bennett on behalf of David Frank Lane
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State of Oregon v. David Frank Lane (S062045) (A148507) (appeal from Marion County Circuit Court; opinion reported at 260 Or App 549, 318 P3d 750 (2014)).

The State of Oregon has been granted review of a Court of Appeals decision that, with respect to a trial court's order that some of four prison terms imposed as sanctions for a single violation of a probationary term in four separate probation revocation proceedings were to run consecutively, remanded for entry of a judgment ordering each probationary revocation term to run concurrently instead.

On review, the issue is:

If a defendant is serving multiple probationary sentences imposed on felony convictions that are based on crimes committed against different victims, and the court revokes those probationary sentences based on a finding of a single violation of probation, does Article I, section 44(1)(b), of the Oregon Constitution authorize the court to impose consecutive sentences, despite OAR 213-012-0040(2)(a), which provides that if more than one term of probationary supervision is revoked for a single supervision violation, the sentencing judge shall impose the incarceration sanctions concurrently?

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